The Awakening 11:11

Do you see 11:11 often? Do you feel like you came to do something else in this planet yet doing mundane things? There is no satisfaction or fulfilment in life no matter what you do? Life seems to be effortless and perfect? Do you feel like longing for something that you don’t know? Are you drawn to some strange geometric shapes? Are you drawn to crystals and gems? Do you believe hospitals and treatments cannot cure your illnesses? Do you have strong repulsion to violence? There is a chance you might be a being incarnated in earth to help people. If learnt and practiced you might have abilities to heal yourself and people around you. You would have clairvoyance and other telepathic abilities. If so answer to your inner calling. Learn a healing practice. Spend time in nature Go on Vegan diet for 1 week Meditate and find your soul purpose. there is a high chance of you becoming a healer or a life coach.

#1111 #awakening

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