Creating your own techniques to heal

Hi Everyone, I wanted to write this because there are plenty of avenues in a form of healing. You can device your own technique easily. Suitable for your own use. For example you learn to handle your own body if it feels hotter than normal temperature unusually, you can just reduce heat by doing some yoga practices such as seethali or seethkari. These practises reduce body heat. Just like this youcan create your regimen in food even. if you feel so emotional and disturbed by excessive thoughts just reduce your choice of food with rice and curd or fruits or raw veggies for a few days. This will reset your system. If you feel any blocks in energy fields and it causes you to be stagnant in any form in life, you can just go on a liquid diet. Just focus on how your body responds and how do you feel for each and evey change in your mind for diet changes. Slowly you will see what food your body is comfortable with. As a result you will retrack yourself to your real needs. This is possible by making conscious choices in life. Food is very much related to mind activities, once you learn how your food affects your life you will be able handle the changes with ease. If you follow a practise a meditation method or a healing practise slowly your awareness will become sharp and develop as a razor sharp tool for you to make changes. Great things will be revealed as a result of your newly formed conscious awareness. you can start living in a state of presence in the moment. Great blessings to you all for a positive changes in life.

With love and light

Abirami Suresh

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