Experiences with my own Soul Realignment

Greetings to all. Its better to share my experience first rather than just telling benefits of this live process. In this accessing the soul information from Akashic Records and getting information to betterment of life happens naturally. Like internet all database of every living human is placed in Akashic field. We can access that record and get releavant information for this point of time in ous souls journey. To me Soul realignment is a live process which helped me to get cleared of remnants of negative choices I have made in this and previous life times. Being a sensitive person all along made me to immediately absorb what is happening with myself and my surroundings. Karmic clearings and removal of unnecessary baggages is fast forwarded and made in full consciousness in this process. The person who undergoes this procedure can be healed at soul level and with past mistakes rectified and guidance to face the life patterns conscoiusly responding to each situation makes us to grow and gain strength mentally, emotionally and energetically.

I was astonished to learn my own soul vibration rate and soul origin which utterly resonated with my being when I first came to know about these things. When I learnt about the primary energy center I was awestruck because being kundalini meditation practitioner for about 10 years I neverfelt energy in other centers except in my Crown chakra. This reading confirmed that my primary energy center is Crown chakra and it is not meant to change in complete journey of my soul. It felt very relaxing for me because I thought all along that there is something wrong with me or my meditation practice. It seemed impossible for me to meditate in different centers.

So many unbelievable changes happened in myself which I have no words to express. Reciting the prayer made me to deeply relax and fall into sleep whenever I read that. So I changed my time of reading to late in night so that I can sleep right after that. It seemed like a best tranquillizer for me. After 21 days of the prayer recitation there are plenty of changes in my mind and emotions. When I followed the simple suggestions specially designed for me. I started seeing changes in physical level.

Part 2 reading was a bit more informative session which gave accurately about my soul specializations, life lessons and what percentage I have completed them and currently they are showing in which of my life areas. Relationship readings gave a profound guidance about the relationships I have with my family members and outstanding patterns going on with each of them and how to rectify the problems. Its good to have all info in a reading and guidance to follow. Learning about hooks and cords revealed many interesting things to me and reason for frequent need of self healing after energy loss. I am glad I did this in this point of my lifetime. Its the greatest gift I ever can give to myself. I also learnt about blocks and restrictions affecting my relationships and life situations which causes me to react for every situation unconsciously.

One more incredible stuff I got is Spirit guides profiling and getting messages from them. It was fun to me and found these messages are what exactly I received during deep sleep or in meditation previously. I know these are not my thoughts but not sure from where they are arriving. With this session I got my final puzzle piece to put in place. This is such a fantastic, valuable thing to do for oneself. After all of our life s struggle we will finally understand that its not worthy to suffer all along. There should be a better way to create our own life the way we want it. Clearing the outstanding issues from our soul is very important for creating our dream life.


Abirami Suresh

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