Holding a space for Transformation

Greetings to all.

Healing is a process which happens itself. There is a higher intelligence involved in conducting this process to people who are ready to receive it. Even every night when we sleep there is a tremendous amount of rejuvenation happening in our human system. Those who can’t rest properly will have to relax and rest and listen to their body before the ailment manifests itself physically. There will be few intimations such as energetic discomfort or mind level discomfort before the ailment comes to physical realm. There will always be an energetic root cause for every ailment which develops in its own accord, i.e. not of any physical reason. These root cause once removed energetically will cut off the base input to ailment and thus causes it to reduce drastically and vanish in a period of time. This is called energy healing which functions in a subtle way.

For many ailments in addition to running energy to client, if the healer is able to hold a space for the client to receive their guidance intuitively about their ailment and suffering from their guides and higher self. This connection is made available to clients when healing energy is running from a healer. Thus many of them will see a clear vision or receive a intuitive thought or get cleansed from a negative thought. Cleansing takes place by bringing up the negativity which is sunken in their subconscious which underlies a particular pattern which cause same type of reaction to a situation or thought.

These when done consciously or unconsciously will cleanse the root cause of the ailment. Thus for some people it works like magic. But for many there will be multiple layers of problems, in this case they need to be dealt with each and every layer once. When the healer is attentively listening to a client upholding a space for their recognition of cause of ailment healing happens naturally without even running energy or uttering a word.

Holding a space happens when healer learns to hold the space within the self, watch the thoughts and emotions arise within themselves. This spaciousness leads to a calmness which gives the needed clarity to clients as well.

This is a state a person can do nothing and yet heal the surroundings and people around them.

Thus healing performed will be a wonderful gift to both healer and client.


Abirami Suresh

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