Motivational Course

Updated: Jun 23

1.5 hours for kids from

Lower Primary Upper Primary Lower Secondary Upper Secondary Junior College Students

Due to Circuit Breaker Measures all Classes are conducted on online platforms

(Video Conferencing/Webinar/Skype Call)

Course may be arranged in English or Tamil Language

Can be one to one /Group Session

More Details about the Course Content and syllabus and take home benefits for your kids…

· Realigning of Desires and Goals

· Removal of Deeply rooted unwanted beliefs

· Removal of undesirable mental and energetic Blocks and Restrictions which impedes your kid from achieving his or her highest results by functioning in Optimum levels

· Simple exercises to balance left and right brain

· Sound techniques for re-orienting brain function

· Goal oriented approach in Life yet be considerable with fellow lives on the planet

· Memory techniques

· Practical Guidance to Intensive Study for Exams

· Expansion of mindset for viewing parents, peers and teachers from a result oriented point of view

· Guidance on becoming a responsible being on the planet

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