Rejuvenating Rainbows Course

Rejuvenating Rainbows - Kids Holiday Course 2020 - Fees $200

Useful Holiday activities Course for Primary and Secondary Kids

Weekly 2 sessions of 2 hours

4 Weeks

Total of 16 hours useful engaging activities for your ultra sophesticated minds of your kids.

Nov 15th to Dec 15th 2020 weekly twice in person Course

Simple practises for active involvement in Life

Motivation for Studies

Being Resillient

Handling Life

Handling Peers and Parents

Re-chanelising life force energy from Distraction to State of beingness

Art of Communication

Values in Life and their weightage

Creative art work and the benefits in brain

The List continues......

If you Plan to Utilize the holidays for your kids in engaging them with interesting activities Enroll them in this Course


Abirami Suresh

Infinite Energies

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