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Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Greetings Loving Souls, this article is about managing the unreasonably lingering pain without any physical reason. If there is any physical cause of pain you can follow conventional medical practice. You are welcome to try these steps to completely get relief from your pain. These method works best for Empaths, Healers and Light workers.

Pain is a communication from your soul when it is not listened to for a long time. It can transform to fibromyalgia if it is left unattended. Simply following these steps may miraculously vanish your pain.

· Just pay attention – Pain is communicating something to you. Especially when you got hip, back, leg or shoulder pains. You may have to change the way you are handling your life. If enough attention is given, pain may reveal the reason.

· Asking Reason from Higher-self – While meditating or self-healing you may ask reason for pain from your higher self. It will give some instructions which would help to rectify.

· Applying Oil – some pains may be because of lack of exercise and toning of muscles. Applying few drops of coconut or gingelly oil on your crown and center of your feet can instantly relieve the pain.

· Rest – Sometimes due to overwork we strain our bodies too much. Guides will ask you to rest from what you are doing by giving pain. Just rest for few hours to a day will fully clear the pain and energize you.

· Ask Angels and Guides to heal the pain – Angels and Guides are higher dimensional beings who are helping us all the time. When asked to heal they will do so without any delay.

· Grounding Exercises – Exercises such as lying down on floor, walking on grass, seashore, hugging a tree, holding a metal object in hand for few minutes may stop the pain if it’s because of incoming of high energies.

· Do Lower chakra meditation – Focus on your root, sacred and solar plexus and meditate which helps to alleviate the pain which is caused by imbalance of chakras.

· Do what you like at least 1 hour a day- me time, it’s necessary to get your fair share of me time to communicate with your body, mind, emotions and soul to clear the blocks which are created throughout the day.

· Relax, let go of situations and the negativity

· Singing, dancing, clearing the clutter in your space, doing art works, writing or healing can be very helpful in reducing the pain of blockages in your energy filed

· Mediate, be blissful as much as you can.

· Watch your vibrations and bring up whenever necessary

· Get yourself a Reiki Session or any energy healing session

· Cord cutting Meditation - Disconnect the draining cords.

· Self-healing if you know Reiki or any form of vibrational healing.

· Tune in to Unconditional Love frequency which is universal by chanting AUM.

· Imagine a meter showing your pain index and reduce the intensity mentally which in turn reduces pain magically.

· Detach emotionally and distance yourself from everyone and you can feel instant relief.

With much Love and Light. Abirami Suresh

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