When your Bliss body gets activated...

This is a most wonderful moment in Spiritual life for a seeker. But there are some challenges in this.

Bliss is natural and its good for health of the physical body. Spiritual currents may travel from top to bottom when you feel this activation. Each and every cell in the body will be rejoicing with hapiness and there are no words to explain bliss. Bliss has different degrees as far as I know if we guage it one to ten, Level ten bliss may be potentially dangerous for you to be in continuously. It will use up your life force energy accumulated due to hard work of practices and the good karma you accumulated during the spiritual progress. You may attract some unwanted negative souls which like to absorb the energy emanating from you. So once you feel the bliss you must be able to be natural and live, work and make decisions for yourself soundly. If you are feeling like ineriated or intoxicated please note you are under influence of unwanted situation. Knowing it or not you may have stepped into a hungry ghost or a being which is very fond of you for your energy. Just make sure your bliss level is keeping yourself sane and you are able to do day to day activities normally. If not raise request to your inner being or guru to reduce the level and make it natural. Slowly it will be get used to and integrate in your system and you will be permanantely with a subtle level of bliss. This is the condition in which most of the enlightened beings are in.

With Love and Light

Abirami Suresh

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