Infinite Energies



  • Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique In person Session Healing session will be about 1 hour 45 mins to 2 hours Deep healing with the help of your subconscious mind, past life regression Learn about outstanding problems and their roots and get healed


radical healing

  • This method addresses the recurring problems from mind and emotional body, which manifests as pain and discomfort in body.

  • This healing is done purely through conversation with client and giving affirmations to the subconscious mind. there is no hypnosis used here. Its completely good for those with recurring thoughts such as anxiety, fear, worries etc.

Distance Healing

soul realignment

  • Know who you are at Soul level

  • Get Guidance from your Soul Blueprint

  • Get information from your Akashic Records

  • Heal your soul blueprint thus clearing the consequences of your past negative choices

  • Learn about the energetic root cause of your current life problem patterns

  • Choose your choices wisely so that you live in your full divine self expression 

  • For more details visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4gUeIQc8xk&t=8s 

distance healing

kundalini reiki

  • Replenish yourself or your loved one with full supply of Universal Energy

  • Get healed, relax and rejunuvate

  • Become free of stress, anxiety and other negative vibrations


kundalini reiki

  • Chakra healing - Balance and Replenish your chakras

  • DNA reiki healing - Heal you DNA

  • Crystalline Reiki healing - Heal the Crystal knots fromed in your DNA

  • Birth Trauma Reiki healing - Clear your trauma of being born

  • Diamond Reiki healing - Heal yourself with etheric diamond placed on your crown

property clearing

kundalini reiki

  • Clear negative energies from your property with Reiki energy 

Soul REalignment

property realignment

Clear your property of negative influences. Our homes can be sacred spaces that support our spiritual growth and evolution. Re align your property to support people who live there to live in full divine self expression

Soul REalignment

life situation reading and healing

Learn and handle your life situations correctly Remove the energetic root cause of each Situation

Soul REalignment

relationship reading and healing

Understand your relationships deeply. Learn the energetic root cause of problems with your loved ones and handle efficiently by taking simple actions

Soul REalignment

chakra imbalance reading and healing

Learn and Balance your chakras Naturally through simple learned Actions in your life

Soul REalignment

spirit guide profile reading and messages

 Know who your Spirit guides are...

What they hep you for...

How do they communicate with you...

what message they have for you at the moment...

Soul REalignment

soul attachment detecting and removal

Check if you have any soul attachments which drains your life force energy and hinders in your success and other life activities.

Remove them energetically and become free.

Kundalini Reiki


25 minutes of guided healing experience

Inner Child Meditation

20 minutes balancing your right and left brain activities

Cord cutting Meditation

15 minutes guided meditation to cut your etheric cords energetically

Breathing Exercise

10 minutes of refreshing session

Manifesting blueprint reading

Distance Session

How can a Soul Manifesting Blueprint benefit you?

Your Soul Blueprint will reveal all areas of your life where you can consciously manifest new and more positive outcomes. Whenever you wish to get started on something new, you will have a greater awareness of how to do this in a way which is aligned with your soul. Specifically, your Soul Manifestation Blueprint will enable you to:

  • Attract positive and fulfilling relationships

  • Experience greater health and well-being

  • Tap into your creativity and find inspiration

  • Succeed at whatever intentions you set yourself

  • Manifest wealth or business success

By gaining a deeper understanding of which level your soul operates on, you will learn how to create new intentions and how to manifest them through your thoughts and actions. With this knowledge, every single area of your life can be improved by manifesting what your soul desires.


In person / distance session

befriend your brain mind healing session

Conversational affiirmational Mind healing session

with a simple powerful technique to cleanse excessive thoughts, technique to go to deep sleep easily. Suicidal thoughts, addiction, competition, egotic clashes, arguments in mind etc. are cleansed.



in person / distance session

living in now practise session

This session is not explained but experienced. Deep relaxation and a key to present moment.